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Masks are off! Now what?

April 21, 2022 By Aziza In Covid-19
Since March 2020, we have been living with the Covid 19 pandemic, the unknowns of this new virus, the constant buzz of the media around this topic, the loss of loved ones to this virus and seeing friends and family and ourselves contract the virus.  We have also been very diligent in getting vaccin...

Self-Love: Selfish or Self-Preservation?

February 11, 2020 By Aziza In Covid-19
An often misunderstood concept, self-love is described by some as absolutely necessary while others tend to disregard it as a dangerous phenomena that could add to our already self- obsessed culture....

We are moving!!

January 12, 2020 By Aziza In Covid-19
We will be located across from the CORE Athletic clubs. The unit was previously occupied by North Park Cleaners and is next to Orr & Associates Insurance Brokers....